I Machining of rotary parts
• Turning of parts with dia. up to Ø400 mm and length L= 2000 mm.
• Machining on CNC Lathe of parts with dia. up to Ø 350 mm and
length L= 1000 mm.
• Machining on six spindle automatic machine parts of dia. up to
Ø 67 mm.
• Machining on six spindle semi automatic machine parts of dia. up
to Ø 160 mm.
• Deep hole drilling of parts with hole dia. up to Ø 120 mm and length from L=700mm.

II Machining of prismatic parts
• Machining on Machining Centers
Horizontal Machining Centers parts with dimensions up to 500 x
400 x 400 mm.
Vertical Machining Centers- parts with dimensions up to 500 x
400 x 350 mm.
• Machining on Flat-surface Grinding Machines.

III Heat treatment
• Heat treatment of steel parts with dia. up to Ø 400 mm, length up
to L=1250 mm and weight up to 300 kg.
• Heat treatment of non ferrous metals.

IV Manufacturing of plastic parts
• Pressing of thermosetting plastics in hydraulics presses, pressing
force from 600 kN to 6000 kN.
• Injection of thermoplastic.

V Chemical and electrochemical plating
• Electroplating (Zinc plating, Cadmium plating, Tinning plating, Nickel
plating and Silver) with dia. up to ~ 400 mm and length L=600 mm.
• Chromium plating up to L= 200 mm.
Oxidation (normal, hard and chrome acid) up to L=600 mm.
• Nickel chemical plating.
• Chrome plating of aluminum, copper and their alloys, up to
• Phosphatization of parts with L=1600 mm.
Varnishing of parts with L=1000 mm

VI Production of die forging
• Pressure castings
Casting of non-ferrous metals (Al and Zn alloys). weight up to 2 kg.
Sand casting and metal coquilles up to 50 kg.

VII Cold formation technology
• Cutting of tin, thickness s=4 mm and L=2500 mm.
• Flattening and cutting tin stripes.
• Cutting and punching of elements in eccentric presses from
120 kN to 2500 kN.
• Manufacturing of complex parts in CNC presses.
• All types of extrusions, thicknes s= 6 mm and height H=350 mm.
• Manufacturing by method of injection.
• Folding of metal parts
Flat, L=2500 mm, thickness s=4mm
Rotary, L=2500 mm, thickness s=1.6 mm.
• Welding

VIII Explosive charge technologies
• Initial explosives
• Pressing of explosives
• Explosive casting
• Production and pressing of delay and increment compounds.

IX Metrological laboratory

X Test ground