MORTAR SHELLS cal. 60 mm (MBM cal. 60 mm)

Modern solutions have been applied in developing II generation of shells. These include:

– optimised aero-dynamic shape securing improved external ballistic characteristics, accuracy and precision at all ranges;
– advanced shell body production technology which provides forming of great number of fragments, has been applied in production of the shell body; this technology, together with the TNT/RDX explosive charge provides optimal efficiency at target.

Masking of friendly troops movement as well as blinding of enemy observers, fire support artillery and anti-tank weapon crews is achieved by use of modern, low-drag and highly efficient white phosphorus-based smoke shells.

With use of illuminating mortar shells, mortars provide night battlefield illumination, as well as blinding of enemy crews and observers.
■ We produce three types of these rockets
■ Reliable function within temperature range with the fuzes:
– UT M88P1 and UTU M93N _____________________________ -46°C do +63°C
– UT M68P1 ______________________________________________ -30°C do +50°C
■ Maximum range:
– Long range mortar shell_________________________________________ 5100 m
– Short range mortar shell_________________________________________ 2500 m


>> HE MBM kal.60mm


>> ILL MBM kal.60mm >> WP MBM kal.60mm


>> Practice MBM kal.60mm