MBM_120mm_P1MORTAR SHELLS cal. 120 mm (MBM cal. 120 mm)

Modern solutions have been applied in developing II generation of shells. These include: optimised aero-dynamic shape securing external ballistic characteristics, accuracy and precision at all ranges; appliance of advanced shell body casting technology which provides forming of great number of fragments, has been applied in production of the shell body; this technology together with the TNT/RDX explosive charge provides optimum efficiency at target. The new generation shell weight corresponds to the heavy shell weights of the previous generation and importantly increased their range, precision and terminal efficiency.

■ We produce three types of these rockets
■ Reliable function within temperature range with the fuzes:
– UT M88P1 and UTU M93N ___________________________ -46°C do +63°C
– UT M68P1 ____________________________________________ -30°C do +50°C
■ Maximum range:
– Long range mortar shell______________________________________ 9400 m
– Short range mortar shell______________________________________ 6500 m


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