-Instantaneous electric detonators
-Milliseconds electric detonators
30 EUD-A and 30 EUD-B
Delay period 30 ms – number of delays 10
-Half seconds electric detonators
500 EUD-A and 500 EUD-B
Delay period 500 ms – number of delays 10
A- detonators of normal sensitivity
B- detonators with no sensitivity
– Seismic instantaneous electric detonator TSED- SI
They are used for minings during for seismic measurements. The short work off period and it’s very small blasting provides accuracy in initiating the seismic movement for the purpose of testing the structure of the ground.

Electric detonators are used for blasting on surface work and in underground coal mines, on dry and wet grounds. They are not to be used in air-methane and explosive coal dust environment. The accuracy of delay times eliminates any overlap and contributes significantly to better breakage of materials and decrease in vibration during mining.
They have the initiating strength corresponding to the standard detonator No. 8.
Mining and electric characteristics are in accordance with the existing Serbia standards.


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