KPGS is modern system with reliable efficiency in hail protection.

It consists of:
Universal multi-barrel launcher, KLR-94 and
Anti-hail, KPGR-6

Universal multiple launcher KLR-94 provides safe firing of all types of anti-hail rockets.

Operational characteristics:

– quick and easy to handle and fire
– accuracy of element assembly
– enables stable and precise firing of the rocket
– calibration of slides enabled
– the rocket can be easily connected to the power supply source through the launcher, which provides efficiency during firing
– long life span and easy maintenance
KPGR-6 Anti-hail rocket is used for dispersion of agent into hail clouds. By agent dispersion, an environment is created where physical and chemical reactions can happen between artificial crystallization nucleus and cold cloud elements, which blocks the free expansion of the hail ice. The artificial crystallization nucleuses provide quick crystallization of cloud drops, forming small dimension crystals. Anti-hail rocket KPGR-6 fully complies with the requirements of anti-hail protection declared by the Republic Meteorological Institute. By its design, it is a rocket with composite ignition charge, and by its trajectory it is a unguided ballistic rocket. Direction of rocket is provided by adjusting the required launching elements, elevation and azimuth angles, prior to launching.



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