The rockets are used to annihilate air targets at altitudes of up to 30.000 m , for assault actions against mobile and stationary armoured targets such as tanks , armoured vehicles , carriers , light weapon and vehicles , aircrafts on the ground and personnel around the stated combat means.



We produce three types of these rockets:

> Aircraft Rocket BR-1-57 mm

BR -1- 57 rocket projectile is the Rocket of high explosive effect, 57 mm caliber and assembled with impact fuze, type UTI-1.

> Aircraft Rocket BR-2-57 mm

Rocket BR-2-57 is launched with the UTI-2 fuze from the launcher tube ( with the opened rear ends ) which is assembled in honeycomb rocket package.

> Aircraft Rocket BR-20-57 mm

The aircraft rocket of a hollow -charge and fragmentation effect BR-20-57 P1 is a system of Cal.57 mm unguided air-to-ground and air- to-air rockets and is used for mass arming of aircrafts.

The rocket includes a warhead with hollow charge and fragmentation effect and impact type UTI-2 fuze and superquick-inertial action.


>> Aircraft rockets BR-57 mm